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A typical street scene in the tourist part of Luang Prabang.

On Travel

I’m writing this post sitting at my desk at home. I’ve readjusted to the conveniences of modern western life. It was only a few days before I stopped noticing the immense pressure that comes pouring out of my shower at any temperature I choose. And if the weather […]

Luang Namtha

When I stepped onto the local bus from Oudamxay to Luang Namtha in Northern Laos it looked full. I gesticulated my question and several of my fellow passengers smiled back at me and pointed out the last two empty seats.

A day trip on the Nam Ou

For a land locked country Laos has a lot of water.  The rivers, especially the Mekong and the Nam Ou, are an important means of transport as well as a source of food. I did know this before I got here. And as you know despite my nervousness […]

The mighty Mekong and me

In which boating gets a little more adventurous than was intended, or perhaps it’s time to rename my blog “The trials of a timid traveller” Visit the Pak Ou caves the guidebook said.  It’ll be fun, John and Ben said. Why not, I thought. Well, actually, if I’m […]