Books read in 2019

I’m keeping a list of the books I read this  year.

There’s no definitive reading goal, other than to keep reading.  Some months, and January looks as if it will be one of them, I might average a book a week. But I also know from experience, there will be months when I’ll be lucky to read one complete book. My life, and my reading life in particular, is like that.

It’s likely that on the list you’ll see a fair smattering of recent publications from fiction, translated works, travelogues and the occasional classic. I usually read or reread one of the truly greats each year.  I enjoy the occasional biography, the occasional investigative non-fiction. But I don’t expect they’ll feature that often. And you probably won’t see much  “chick lit” on this list—it doesn’t engage me in the  way it once did.

The list works like this:

  • Titles are grouped by the month in which I complete them
  • Titles appear in the order in which I read them
  • If I’ve posted a review there’ll be a link to that
  • Where I can, I include information about how the book came to my attention.

January 2019

A Change of Key by Adrienne Jansen (Library copy)

I’m a fan of Adrienne Jansen’s writing. I’ve read nearly all her novels and I’m on the email list for Escalator Press, the small publsihing house run by Whitireia, which published this book.