Camino de Santiago

Day 45 on the Camino de Santiago: Samos

We’ve become fixtures at our hotel. This cutie thinks we’re part of the furniture!

My new friend

Today there’s a small celebration of local food delicacies – gastronomico Camino Frances – free tapas with each drink which, for me anyway, meant a free slice of cheese cake with my black tea. 

Galician cheesecake – tapas style

It’s not the rich cheese cake we’re used to, but something much lighter. I haven’t been able to identify the ingredients : a little almond flour maybe, and a very light form of cream cheese … perhaps. Whatever, it’s very easy to digest.

We’re ready to move on, now. But I’m going to miss this place. The concern from the staff when they realised I was sick has been heartwarming. My first dinner, they added flowers to my side salad – sadly, my stomach wasn’t up to salad at that stage. And then, this morning, when I ordered my first full breakfast – nothing elaborate, tostadas y tomate, orange juice and coffee – there were big smiles from the hotelier.

We went for another shorter walk today, along the route to Sarria – it’s likely we’ll be walking it in the dark tomorrow; sunrise isn’t until 8:51am.

Tomorrow, we go that way:

The way to Sarria

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  1. Pleased your are feeling better and yes it was heart warming to hear how the locals were concerned for you. That sunrise is depressingly late. What time is sunset. Days must be getting shorter. Cute cat will be hard to say good bye to….

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  2. Glad you are feeling better. Just take it easy. I looked up that cheesecake as your description made it sound like something to try…I find our cheesecakes too rich! I found a recipe for Quesada pasiega, a dessert from Cantabria ( the antipodes of our own Canterbury…interesting!). And according to the recipe post you won’t find that dessert in Madrid. So enjoy while you are there. Easy to make when you get home…ricotta is the secret.

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