Camino de Santiago

Day 46 on the Camino de Santiago: Samos to Sarria

I was right, it was difficult to leave our hotel in Samos. Difficult, yet good and right. 

On our way


Our walk through this part of Galicia was a gift of peace and empty trails. 

Near our first snack stop

Most pilgrims don’t come via Samos and it wasn’t until the last five kilometres that we rejoined the crowds. 

It was a beautiful walk although frosty.

Which way?

We needed our gloves and hats and multiple layers. 

This way

It was a pleasure to at last find the sun. What a contrast to the Meseta when I craved shade.

I didn’t take enough photos – for the most part I was concentrating on re-establishing my stride. 

Overall, the walk was easier than I’d feared. I could feel the benefit of those extra rest days. Not that the 15ks for me today was a doddle. It wasn’t. 

The last 100 metres to our albergue included a steep set of steps. It was a matter of breathe, hold to the belief the end was just around the corner, and lift my feet one after the other up, up, and ever upwards. 

Oh, the sweet, sweet relief when I spotted this sign.

Says it all, really

Recovery included a shower, a nap, a feed of patatas fritas (hardly healthy but exactly what I felt like) and two cups of tea.

Sarria from the terrace of our albergue

Based on today’s performance we’ve concluded that another lightish day is warranted. We’re heading for Ferreira tomorrow, about 14ks away.

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