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Up close and personal in Bangkok

Travel Theme: Close-Up   An early morning start, a taxi trip across town, the first and the most cramped tuk tuk ever, and we  were in the middle of this. (The we on this trip was my husband, our daughter-in-law, both our sons and myself.) The welcome was […]

This aside is a shout-out

This aside is a shout-out to my Blogging University classmates.   Thanks to each one of you for the Liebster Award nominations.   Leo says it best:     Everyone, click on the links and go see what these […]

My Dream Reader

Zero To Hero: Assignment Six Write a letter to my dream reader, the assignment said. Include techie things you’ve never done before (my paraphrase). I thought it would be the techie bits that would be the big challenge. Spotify has had me baffled up till now. And I […]