Zero to Hero

Getting friendly with the neighbours

Zero to Hero: Assignment 11

Today’s assignment: get out and about in the blogosphere and comment on four blogs that are new to you. Here they are, my fab four in no particular order, plus one more:

Exile On Pain Street

I’ve followed this blog for a few days.  The writing is brilliant, full of acute observations and it makes me laugh. Each post is filled with those A-ha moments that make reading and writing worthwhile. What’s more the blogger really did once get a letter from Harper Lee. When  you read the post I’m sure you’ll see why!

Pearls of Willsdom

I found this blog on Freshly Pressed. It was the photo of the digger, Jack, that drew me in. Another ANZAC! I can’t begin to imagine what it was like for the mothers of those young men – farewelling them, in the midst of all that bravado that drove the war effort, and then waiting. Waiting for their boys to come home, or for the letter no one ever wanted but so many got. Sarah poignantly brings her husband’s great-uncle to life in this post.

Who can resist a post that whittles life down to four pie-charts ? Not  me. If you’re in need of remembering what’s important in life, i.e. a belly laugh, check this out.

Hood Feminism

This particular post is about the issue of elder care and the impact of care-giving on women, particularly black women. The writer raises gritty issues I’ve had to deal with in my life and that I haven’t yet been able to articulate. In time, in time!  And in the meantime articles like this help to make sense of some things that just weren’t sensible when I was living through them.

An added extra:

Last but not least, is the blog Drinkingtipsforteens from Mr Ross Murray. I’ve followed this blog for a few weeks and have commented on his blog before. But I just could not leave him out. I reckon he’s the funniest man in the blogosphere.

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