Zero to Hero

Day Twenty-Four on Blogging 101: My round-up.

Today, at Jill’s Scene, is a day in the sun for women writers but not just any women writers. To make it on to my list the posts had to make me laugh. And not a little laugh, either – it had to be a  great, big belly laugh. To up the stakes even further an ah-hah moment was required, that special extra something which informs, or makes me look at life from a different angle. So, here are three funny women writers who also get me thinking.

In no particular order, drum roll please:

Those making it on to Jill’s Scene Round-Up for Day Twenty-Four are:

Blog Woman. She’s super! This post made me laugh an earthquake sized laugh. Although Blog Woman has had occasion to wish for an earthquake my laughter didn’t trigger one. Which believe me, the way the ground rocks and rolls around here, is a good thing!

PriorHouse Blog. The tag-line says it all. Y posts about Photos, Art and a little bit of Lit. Whenever I visit there’s always something to inform or make me smile. From Y I’ve learned about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and the country musician Kenny Chesney.

Y probably doesn’t know – at least not until  now –  this particular post is my favourite. Why? I read it over my morning cup of tea. I was in a rush, there was no time to comment. Then as I walked to work the first words out of my mouth were : Another glorious daY in the baY.  (It’s been a common greeting around here during the last couple of weeks. We’ve had the very best weather that late autumn has to offer – warm, sunny and calm.)  With Y’s post on my mind it was very difficult not to giggle. I still can’t say it with a straight face. That letter will never be the same. You’ll have to read the post to understand.

Talkinreckless.  Leah’s post about the decision not to diet tackles the food issue. That thing, created by the food police, that’s been in my life ever since I can remember. Leah’s exploration of the matter is wry, honest, informative, and her writing has that all important ring of authenticity.  I’m looking forward to reading more from her!

So there you have it, my best three!

Tell me, what do you think of them?



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  1. I am honored!! and you truly made my day – I mean daYYYY) ha! I also plan to check out the other blogs you listed here – and I also have been needing to tell you that when I night a bag last week – well it is all black except one part – it has the nicest pink line at the opening – and that makes me think of you! the splash of pink! okay, many thanks and cheers –


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