Camino de Santiago

Day 43 on the Camino de Santiago: Samos

Today, while I’ve been recuperating John caught a ride, courtesy of our hotelier, back to Triacastela. That’s the town where, on Monday, we dithered for an hour or so about whether to catch a taxi because of the wildfires.

John walked back to Samos covering the ground that we missed. These are just two of his photos of the damage to the track. 

The Way between Triacastela and Samos on 19/10/17

More fire damage on The Way between Triacastela and Samos

 Obviously we made the right decision on the day – another lesson for us in how important it is to trust your own gut instincts.

For now, tomorrow will be another day of rest and recuperation in Samos. 

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  1. lots of thoughts as you approach the end of the trip. Make sure you bring a scallop shell back with you and get the ‘certificate’, you then bring it back to St Patrick’s and present to the PP… we can arrange! Bread and water for the next couple of days should do the tummy, and then the promise of a simple dinner on the square in Compostela should draw you on. In prayer and jealous support. Mark

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  2. What a blessing that taxi was. Walking into a fire zone was not an option. All those Camino saints kept you safe. I wonder if the smoke inhalation is what affected your poor tummy. Enjoy your rest…after all it’s HB Anniversary Day. I woke early and am listening to the birds…a lovely morning!

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