Camino de Santiago

Day 31 on the Camino de Santiago: Leon to Villa de Mazarife

The village of Mazarife is so small the guidebook doesn’t mention the population. It’s Saturday afternoon and the bar is busy, despite itbeing siesta time. The men of the town, all older rather than younger, are playing dominoes. The competition is intense – few looked up when we walked in.

It’s a rural community, 

Street parking in Mazarife

in addition to the bar, there’s a C16th church

The church steeple – I love the storks’ nests.

 three albergues, a shop, and a slightly bigger shop that says it’s a supermarket.

Opening hours at the supermarket

What they don’t have is decent reception – it’ll be interesting uploading this!
As for our walk, it took an hour or so to walk through Leon.  

Bodegas on the outskirts of Leon

Once on the outskirts we took the alternative route, away from the motorway and into the country-side. There were some beautiful moments.

Street scene in Chozas de Abajo – our lunch stop

Most of the way I mused over my shoes, and Dorothy, and Judy Garland. And my conclusion? When in need, always, always buy red shoes. Why? At the end of day one with my new shoes: no hot spots and no new blisters. 

Tomorrow we’re heading to Santibanez de Valdeiglesia – another 20ks or so.

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  1. Good to know the red shoes are working well. Love the bell tower with the stork nests and why oh why are the tractors there always so beautifully clean, whereas here they are always dirty great muddy beasts!

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