Camino de Santiago

Day 30 on the Camino de Santiago: Leon 

Our intention to explore the fiesta last night lasted, oh, ten minutes or so before we determined a nap was required. Just a brief one, a power nap to revive, to ensure we’d be fit to party on with the best of the citizens of Leon.  That power nap ended at 7:30 this morning. 

All is not lost!  The cafe across the road from our Pensione specialises in this delicious delight.

Churros con chocolate

It turned breakfast into a party. One that was happily conducted beneath a photo of Victoriano Cremer, the famous poet of Leon, eating the same. His smile was as broad as mine – it really is the most delicious thing. The cafe holds  a small collection of his works with the proud sign: Desde aqui  Cremer  veia Leon. 
We took a leaf out of his book and returned there for lunch: ensalada mixta y pan con tomate – equally as delicious as my breakfast but less wicked. 

All that chocolate kept me going right through the important business of shoe shopping. 

A lot can be achieved with a few words and a big dose of good will. The assistant at the sporting goods store excelled, and I have a new pair of shoes which feel pretty much like my old ones, except newer. 

I’d imagined my first pair of Spanish made shoes would be a little classier, a little more sophisticated, more flamenco than camino. However,  I’ll be easy to spot along the way  –  until the dust of the road turns them grey brown.

A lovely almost but not quite match with my oh so classy handbag.

We walk on tomorrow, probably to Villar de Mazarife, 20 or so kilometres further along the way.

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  1. Thats looks lie seriously GREAT Chocolate con churros !……YUM…and new walking shoes…….FABULOUS, your feet will love you….. keep on truckin’

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