Camino de Santiago

Day three on the Camino de Santiago: Roncevalles to Zubiri

“Let’s just go to the next town,” I said to John last night.  Afterall we’d conquered the Pyrenees –  an easier day was our just desserts. He agreed. 

We repeated the vow over breakfast, which might have had something to do with the howling wind and pouring rain. We were pleased Espinal was only six and a half  kilometres away.

But by the end of our second coffees the rain had eased a bit and off we set. 

It turns out my pack cover is too small for my pack – thanks for that MacPack. But my gear stayed try thanks to the old tramping trick of a rubbish bag liner and the dribag I bought for my camera in St Jean.

Outside the cafe in Espinal John asked; Are we stopping? Maybe for the loo, I said. 

On we went, on and on. 

At Viscarreta we stopped for a baguette and hot chocolate. We could have stayed there but the sun came out in a watery way and our it turns out you can go a long way on a simple sandwich and hot chocolate. Our easy day of five kilometres turned into 20 plus and here we are in Zubiri. 

Puenta de la Rabia, Zubiri

The Camino is very busy. We approached three alberques before finding one with space for us. I’m thankful for the bed even if our bunk is the squeakiest in the dormitory. 

Both of us are weary and our muscles are protesting a little at the effort required to keep walking each day.  But overall we’re doing pretty well. I  enjoyed the rain. True story! 

Tomorrow is sorted.  We’re not going far. Five kilometres to Larrasoana.  That’s all. It’s a promise. 

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  1. It’s wonderful that you felt energetic enough to keep walking up to 20km! Good for you. Was it relatively flat? I’m really curious about how you post every day. Are you carrying an iPad or some kind of tablet? I’ll be curious to see if you keep your promise to yourselves for a short day tomorrow. 🙂 Good luck!


  2. I can imagine that the decision is taken but once you are out there, the adrenaline goes higher and nature’s compelling views can change any mind.
    I do that often in my race biking rides and end up going many more km further away.
    I have to remember that I need to come back though.
    So I understand your promise for day 4.
    Enjoy it and take some rest.

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