Camino de Santiago

Day two on the Camino de Santiago: Orisson to Roncesvalles 

Up, up, and up went the path, a repeat on yesterday, but for longer.

Looking back at Orisson in the early morning light


We’ve been very lucky with the weather, mostly cool and sunny, which meant today we had expansive views across the Basque Country into France and then into the Navarre, Spain.

Still climbing


Just when my energy was flagging, when on a bad day I might have questioned my sanity at embarking on this long walk, a food truck appeared. That hot chocolate was the best tasting hot chocolate ever!

Angels come in all shapes and forms, and as far as I am concerned the man operating this truck fits the criteria


There were flocks of sheep everywhere. The shepherds keep an eye on them from small white Citron vans parked on the side of the road. The livestock have bells around their necks which clang whenever they move. Handy, I guess for farmers looking for their animals in the mountain mists. I, however, can confirm that farm animals don’t sleep when we do. Those bells clanged all night long!

Sheep everywhere

Tonight is our first in Spain. We’re staying at the monastery at Roncesvalles. The first sight put an extra spring in my step.

There’s the monastery!


They cater for large numbers of pilgrims and I’d seen photos of a large dormitory crammed with bunk beds. I’d been dreading that.  In fact, we are in a small cubicle which sleeps a total of four.

My body has held up better than I’d hoped. Although, now that we’ve stoppped there’s quite a few aches and pains making themselves felt.

The last kilometre or so was through dappled wood land.

Day two is done and we’ve walked up and over the Pyrenees. We’ve covered 23 kilometres, only another 751 to go!

We’re intending to have an easier day tomorrow. My shoulders will appreciate that, so will John’s.

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