Camino de Santiago

Day Zero on the Camino Santiago, St Jean Pied de Port. 

St Jean Pied de Port is a small town at the base of the French Pyrenees. It’s Basque Country. It’s also the beginning of the French Way – the Camino de Santiago – a popular starting spot, for pilgrims for centuries.

The atmosphere reminds me of Whakapapa, a ski resort on Mount Ruapehu in my home country of New Zealand, at the beginning of ski season. Everywhere I look there are pilgrims. It’s easy to pick them – there’s a uniform of walking shoes, packs, and poles and a distinct air of  anticipation.

John and I have had a rest day.  We’ve made  a few last minute purchases: water bottles, and a dri-bag for my camera – it rained most of the morning which made me rethink that particular issue.

We’ve arranged for the bulk of our travel gear to be forwarded to Santiago de Compostela where we’ll pick it up in about six or eight weeks, depending on how we go.

We’ve collected our pilgrim passports

and we have a scallop shell each for our packs.

We’re as ready as we’re going to be.  Tomorrow, we’ll lace up our walking shoes,  we’ll lift our packs on to our backs, grab our poles, and begin our long walk.

Where’s my backpack: Travel theme, Sport
WP Challenge: Anticipate

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  1. Ok I’ve decided to come to the beginning and follow you through. Thank you for the commitment you’ve made to blog each day. That is a BIG commitment to make and walk every day too. I wonder about internet connections. So I’m going to be trailing along behind you both.

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  2. Fantastic! Wish I was walking with you. Though I might have trouble leaving that place. It does look pretty. 🙂 🙂 Accommodation mostly not booked as you don’t know how much you’ll walk each day? Wish you lots of luck!

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  3. Jude just sent me the link to your blog. I can’t wait to follow your journey because I hope to do the whole Camino next year at this same time. I’m so excited to come along with you! I figure for me it will take about 8 weeks; it’s good you’re open-ended about the time. 🙂

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      • Hi Jill, I’m Cathy and I’ve been following Jude and Jo for a long time. Nice to finally meet you! I’m so excited to be following your blog as I really want to do the Camino next fall at this same time. Believe me, I’m taking a lot of notes, so I’m waiting breathlessly to read all of your posts. It’s very exciting! It looks like you’re having a great time so far, except for the rain. But at least you seem to enjoy that too. Good luck! I’ll be following along. 🙂

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