Six days in Paris

I’m on the fast train to the South of France. Our six days in Paris are already done, gone as quickly as the landscape flicking past the train window at 300kph.  It’s been six days of food, parks, churches and museums. Six days that I thought would be more than enough, but never could be.

There is so much more to explore and that’s the way I like it. That “if only” wish for just one more day, one more week …

These are just a few of my favourite shots from our time wandering through the city.


Early evening near Canal St Martin

Cyclists were everywhere in the inner city and seem to be treated with respect by other road-users.


Early morning at The Louvre

We got to the Louvre  early enough to beat the crowds, but not by much. If you look carefully, you might just spot John in this shot.


The Louvre at the end of the day

I had a severe case of museum feet after five plus hours wandering through the galleries. All that time and we did no more than skim the surface. It warrants another visit, or three. Interestingly, once we left the Denon gallery (where everyone goes to visit the Mona Lisa)  the crowds dissipated and we got to view the Rembrandts and the Van Dykes in relative peace. Sadly the Vermeers are in Washington DC, right now.


The boating lake at Jardin du Luxembourg.

We arrived at the boating lake in Jardin Du Luxembourg  in time to witness New Zealand and Australia battling it out on the water again. It may not look like it here but the kiwis won —of course.



Dashing for cover.

On Avenue Kleber we rested our feet over a glass of Sancerre for me and a beer for John. And then the rain came down. Somehow, it seemed more beautiful, more refreshing just because it was Paris.



Love locks on Pont St Louis

The TGV is hurtling through the countryside. The trees have begun to turn, the crops are in, the temperature has dropped from the low thirties of a week ago, to the low-twenties. A reminder that everything changes, as it must. But, as one love-lorn couple engraved on their lock, we’ll always have Paris.



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  1. We just returned from Paris and I feel like we barely scratched the surface, it was so beautiful. I could spend hours just soaking up everything in the Louvre.

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  2. I’m glad you got to enjoy the Rembrandts and Van Dykes leisurely. Sorry about the Vermeers. When we were in Amsterdam, they were remodeling the Van Gogh museum and his were all mostly in America. Did you go to the Musee D’Orsay? I loved it also. Looking forward to following your trip to the South of France. In 2015 we went to Albi and Carcasonne and the surrounding villages. It was a fascinating and beautiful historical area, but there’s no place like Paris to me.

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    • Eileen, I agree, there really is no place like Paris. My previous visits have been so rushed, the first only a half day, the second, only three nights, so six days seemed total luxury. But it wasn’t nearly long enough. The weather was so glorious I spent most of our time outside exploring the streets and the parks – which meant I didn’t get to the Musee D’Orsay. Perhaps, one day, if Lady Luck smiles on me , there’ll be a next time!


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