Off-shore Adventures

This aside is an announcement

This aside is an announcement!

Coming soon: the adventures of a Kiwi AFSer.

Yep, you read it correctly. Inspiration has struck and the ideas are flowing. The series will be haphazard, unpredictable, and short-lived. But, hey, it’ll be all mine.

What better way to celebrate the centenary of AFS and thirty-nine years since I packed my bags, farewelled my family, and  went off to America at the grand old age of seventeen, only to return twelve months later wearing a yellow pant suit, talking funny, and irrevocably changed, than a good old-fashioned trip down memory lane?

Don’t blame  Gallivance.  Blame Paul Bunyan. The wood chopping freak of nature has a lot to answer for. His photo started me remembering. Always an occupation with a dubious outcome. Especially in July when winter bites and all I want to do is hunker down by the fire until September. That, or flit off to a tropical island – which isn’t on the agenda this year.

What you want and what you get aren’t always the same.

I might want to hibernate but this coming weekend I have a book launch, sadly not mine;  a funeral,  I’m glad that’s not mine but I am sad to lose our longstanding neighbour;  a fancy dress as a school fund-raiser, again not mine, but I’ll go along for the fun of seeing my husband dressed up as Robin Hood. I declare, here and now, I will not be going as Maid Marion. There are limits to devotion.

Back to the announcement. Ever heard of Pukemanu? No? You will, you will! In the very first instalment of the series. Ah, the delights that await you, my dear reader.

Remember the deal is, if the series goes awry and you my dear reader are driven away by my drivel, Paul Bunyan is the one to blame.

If it should go down a treat the applause is all mine.

Thank-you, thank-you!






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  1. Hey Jill! Y here – just checking in from the road…. And had to leave a hello and wanted to say your series sounds interesting. Lookin forward to it. Have a nice week Amiga! ❤
    Oh and never heard of pukemanu….. Hmmmm


  2. Thanks very much Jill for the link to our post. I’m happy that Paul was a good memory, and could be a spark for your new series. I’m looking forward to following along.


    • Thanks James, He was a great trigger! Your photos certainly brought him alive for me and set me on the path to remembering those days. I’ve had a few laughs thinking back over things and doing the research for the series.


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