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The First Hurdle

Zero to Hero: Assignment One

I’ve had my blog for almost two years. I signed up in 2012. My first post was two photos of kiwi icons. Both of them food: Marmite, which is a staple in my house, and a mutton bird, which I’ve eaten only once. And then I did nothing for six months or more.

For a long time I had only one follower and only one comment. That person waited patiently while I dithered. I was attracted to the idea of blogging, but was nervous too.  More slowly than the tortoise in the old fable, I gathered courage and taught myself how to post. And I drove my kids nuts. On their visits, and yes, sometimes over the phone or on SKYPE, they’ve fielded endless questions. Most begin with: How do you …. ? Or sometimes: Why won’t this work? They’ve been very patient with me and a great help. Hugs to all of you, if you’re reading this. And a big thanks!

Last November I knew I’d caught the bug when I spent a morning in Bangkok tapping a post into my iPhone! I was desperate to get my story out there. Let’s just say that’s an experience I don’t recommend and don’t intend repeating!

Now, to learn more, grow my confidence and, hopefully, reduce the number and frequency of those questions, I’ve signed up for From Zero to Hero – it’s like uni for bloggers. This post is the first piece of homework.

On my blog-site I’m putting my thoughts, opinions, and observations out there into the big wide world, to people who I most probably will never meet.  Why do that? It’s a very good question!

I live in a small town. A very long way from anywhere. We have one escalator in town. Two or three government buildings do have lifts. There are no skyscrapers! Probably never will be. On mid-week afternoons, outside of the tourist season, you can bowl a cricket ball down the main street and not hit anyone! There are some disadvantages to this but I’m not dwelling on those. The best thing is that living here gives me a particular view of things. I think it might come from being remote, isolated and a bit out of touch.

Simply, the world amazes me. Oneexample from today – my husband has just upgraded his phone. It reads his fingerprint! He puts his index finger on a little spot – it turns on. I put my index finger on the same spot and nothing happens! How incredible is that?  My futuristic view of supermarket shopping, when the checkout will scan my iris instead of my credit card, is probably only months away!

Whether it’s my foolishness (check out Fame and Recognition in a Small Town for a typical example of that) or protests in Bangkok, or the stark beauty of the big skies and huge seas of my home, I write about those things that  make me gasp and wonder and question. I love it when readers tell me they’ve laughed or liked, agreed or disagreed with what I’ve got to say. Because that’s what it’s all about to me. Behind every visit to my blog, every like, and every follow there’s a person who’s connected with what I’ve got to say. I like that. Maybe all writers like that.

There, I’ve done it, the first piece of homework. I’m about to press publish. When I do, I’ll have made a start, I’ll be over the first hurdle in this thirty-day challenge.

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  1. Welcome to the Zero to Hero journey! And I have to say, you’ve definitely caught the bug if you’re typing out a post or two on an iPhone – I get frustrated just trying to pound away on the iPad as I much prefer the comfort of a keyboard.

    Now if I were to blog more effectively using voice commands… now that would be solid!


  2. Hello Jill! From one small town in Queenland to your small town. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more. It looks beautiful where you live. I am new to blogging – less than a year – and have much to learn! Your blog has a good look and it easy to find your posts. Cheers. 🙂


  3. Hi Jill, I just posted my first assignment but I did that in the commons as I’m not ready yet to post anything into my actual blog yet. Thanks for putting me onto this.


  4. After I heard about mutton bird, I couldn’t hear anything else! What’s that? A bird that tastes like mutton? We need to stop here! Lol it might be easier to raise a bird than a sheep, and a whole lot less leftovers! You just lit up my imagination like crazy ♥♥♥ happy greetings from a nutcase living in egypt!


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