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Another blogging first – a guest post

TimeThief’s onecoolsite is full of information about blogging and the blogosphere for experienced and newbie bloggers alike. I’ve been a follower since March of this year.  Her posts have helped me find my way around the blogging world. At first I didn’t understand much of what was she was writing […]

The First Hurdle

Zero to Hero: Assignment One I’ve had my blog for almost two years. I signed up in 2012. My first post was two photos of kiwi icons. Both of them food: Marmite, which is a staple in my house, and a mutton bird, which I’ve eaten only once. […]

A Landmark Day

Minuscule in the blogosphere – a landmark for me. So a big thank-you to all my visitors, where-ever you are  in the world! Flags courtesy of ITA’s Flags of All Countries used with permission