Wandering through Seville

John and I have spent the last week exploring Seville. This is a city filled with  things cultural. From music,

Brass quintet in the Plaza de Nuevo

Off to a gig


to the fine arts,

Exhibition of local artists outside the Museum of Fine Arts

to the architecture.

The Tirana Bridge

There’s  history here. Lots of it. Complicated history. 

It’s here that for three centuries Christians and Jews and Moors co-existed relatively collaboratively – until they didn’t; until fundamentalism, fear, and envy changed all that.

 This is also the seat of the Spanish Inquisition – and there’s a lot more to that than the simplified stories I’ve read before.
We went for a wander through the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter. 

Made for pedestrians

It’s  Jewish in name only, they were driven out centuries ago. 

It’s from Seville Columbus set sail for the New World. In Alcazar we saw the room where the voyages were planned, where the first maps of the New World were made. 


Decorative detail featuring scallops in Alcazar

A painter at work on restorations at Alcazar

Along with Alcazar, Seville Cathedral is part of a Unesco World Heritage site. The Cathedral is the largest gothic Cathedral in the world.

View of Seville Fromm the Cathedral bell tower

A glimpse of the Cathedral flying buttreses

The tomb of Christopher Columbus had a prominent position in the Cathedral. The gown of the herald from Leon is decorated with scallop shells. 

The tomb of Christopher Columbus

The  performing arts are important in Seville, too. We’re off to see the Flamenco tonight at Casa de la Memoria.

And as for the food? It’s an art form in itself, but that’s a story for another day.

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  1. Fantastic place alright !…Was there myself but SO many years ago – like 30!…thanks for the great reminders. So arty, cultural and colourful

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