Camino de Santiago

Day 50 on the Camino de Santiago: Casa Domingo to Ribadiso

For the first time in fifty days I’m not sure what to tell you. My thoughts are turning to life after the Camino. 

Early morning mist after leaving Casa Domingo

I’m ready to stop, to do something different. 

Always time to pose

But right now it’s difficult to imagine a routine other than that which has consumed most of the last fifty days:


Wash self and clothes



Cows have the right of way on the Camino

But to put all this in perspective, I’m writing today’s post in a noisy bar over a bowl of lentil soup. At centre stage … oops … At the bar is a couple locked in a passionate, oh-will -you-get-a –room, embrace that has continued for the past twenty-five minutes.

Rather than reflect on life after the Camino, much less the meaning of the Camino, John and I have been fully engaged in determining their nationality. John thinks he’s Italian, she’s Nordic. He’s probably right. As for me, I think it’s a “Camino” relationship. 

The Way

Ribadso is a small hamlet about 40 kilometres from Santiago. 

The road to Ribadso

Tomorrow we walk to O Pedrouzo, and on Saturday afternoon we’ll reach Santiago.

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  1. Its an experience that will be well etched …and thats a great thing. Love the cow pic. COUNTDOWN big time, Savour these last few days


  2. I’m so thrilled for you. What a tumult of emotions you must be feeling. You must also be very fit, all that walking 🚶‍♀️ and that backpack looks almost as big as you Jill. How much did it weigh? I’ll be waiting to Cheer you over the finish line on Saturday

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  3. Life after the Camino. Now that’s a thought. I for one am going to miss your wonderful daily write-ups and photos. And I am curious to know why you embarked on such an ambitious journey. Are you staying on in Europe for a while or heading back home? And my final thought is “wow, that backpack looks heavy!” Stay safe guys, nearly there now…

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