Camino de Santiago

Day 38 on the Camino Frances: Villafranca de Bierzo to Herrerias

Today was roadside walking almost the whole way, sometimes behind a road side crash bar, sometimes along the road edge. 

Early morning road side walk leaving VillaFranca

There was one hairy moment, involving a truck swinging into a truck park at speed as we walked across the entrance.

Other places could have been dicey – like walking across a motorway on ramp. It was rendered safe by the limited traffic. 

Crossing the motorway on ramp

Apparently, until recently this part of the Camino was more demanding. Since a new motorway opened the level of traffic has reduced significantly. 

Motorway in the distance as we near Herrerias

We walked through some very beautiful country-side. It’s leafy, autumnal, bucolic in places. 

The perfect rest stop

All that quiet country-side served to take my mind off the threat of bedbugs. 

The turn off to Herrerias

They can be a bit of a pest on the Camino. And last night, again, we met pilgrims who have been badly bitten. As we walked the thought did pass through my mind that I might find my pack crawling with the critters this afternoon. 

Imaginings based on, well, my imagination. Not on any actual facts, apart from one: bedbugs  do exist here on the Camino. 

The actual facts for us are that neither of  us have been bitten (so far.) And we haven’t seen any sign of the critters on any of the beds or the walls near our beds in any of the albergues where we’ve stayed, either. 

As you can see when I’m walking I think about very important matters: from Dorothy and her red shoes, to Puck (yesterday’s effort), and now to bedbugs. 

I know from the conversations I can’t help overhearing as I walk (voices do carry) others are busily solving the world’s problems. 

Not me.  My head is more commonly empty except when my stomach is empty which seems to be more often than not. Then, I think about food. 

Today’s lunch stop

I always like to know where my next meal is coming from.


Tonight, it’ll be somewhere in Herrerias. And breakfast, too. There’s a small cafe that opens at 7:00 am, even on a Sunday. So that’s me sorted, for the next two meals anyway. 

Tomorrow, we have a 600 metre climb before  crossing into Galicia and walking on to Fonfria. 

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  1. Going via a motorway might not be the best or safe part of the journey but after that you got beautiful autumn vistas.
    I concur that walking there should bring people to pay attention to the landscapes, cities, food and your wellbeing, rather than solving world’s problems. Well done.

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  2. Yikes! That’s one thing I’m not happy to hear about – the bedbugs! I know I’d be imagining my bag crawling with them too. My husband laughed when I told him about this problem because before I returned home from 4 months working in Japan, I traveled around the country for a week, leaving my 2 large suitcases at a baggage storage service at Narita airport. Someone had told me other people’s bags had become infested with bedbugs during their stay at the airport, so I kept imagining that they followed me home from Japan! Ugh. Of all the challenges you’ve mentioned so far — treacherous downhill slopes, blisters, cold water showers, getting lost — I’m afraid this one sounds most off-putting. 🙂


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