Camino de Santiago

Day twenty-eight on the Camino de Santiago: El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mullas

With coffee and tortilla in my tum and only one of my blisters giving me gip there was a skip in my step when I left the albergue this morning. 

John was feeling better, too.

By the time we reached the corner, I said, I’m feeling kind of naked. 

We’ve got everything, eh, said John.

I’d checked the dorm. He’d checked the dining room.

Must be the coffee and tortilla, we agreed. But you might be able to spot what’s missing in this photo of John striding it out in the blue, pre-dawn light.

And then, half an hour later, it dawned on us … well … on John. 

Dawn, on the outskirts of El Burgo Ranero


We’d each forgotten our poles. We turned and looked at the distant lights of El Burgo, at least half an hour away. We looked at each other. “Nope!”

So there we have it, folks, the price for an hour of walking time on the Camino? Approximately, $NZ100.00 per person. 

The remainder of our walk was uneventful by comparison. The route, as with yesterday, was flat, tree-lined, the gravel surface easy on our feet.

The path along the way, today


They support peregrinos around here. The plane trees planted alongside the path provide welcome shade. There’s plenty of encouragement in the graffiti, too.

We can!

We walked through the old town gates of Mansilla de las Mullas and past St James, who it seems always has his pole, about 12:30. 

We’ve decided to do some shoe shopping for me in Leon and have booked a room in a Pensione for two nights. We might get some new poles, too.

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  1. Nothing like a good coffee to kick you into your walking day….and rest assured, Camino pilgrims every day across theis great walk leave behind ‘something’. Treating yourself to “NEW” is something too look forward too. May the blue skies continue.


    • good for you John. From recall, I think I really needed thtem in 3 (part days) of my 27 days, so the 90/10 rule for me wins


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