Camino de Santiago

Day twenty-six on the Camino de Santiago: Calzadilla to Sahagun

We were first up and first out of the albergue this morning. We’d been told breakfast would be available in the restaurant from 6:00 am. When there was no sign of activity at 6:45 we gave up. Fortunately, the last albergue in town was opening up their bar by then.

Sunrise just outside Calzadilla

For most of yesterday we were part of a long line of pilgrims trudging their way across that seemingly, never ending road. I’m not sure where they all disappeared to. Today we were on our own for most of the way – a pleasant relief. 
It was a beautiful walk although very hot by 11am. It must be arduous to do this in the summer. 

For a moment I thought the heat had addled my brain when we came across this sight in San Nicolas.

Bodegas at San Nicolas del Real Camino

But it’s not Hobbiton at all. Rather these are bodegas dug into the side of the hill. They date from about five hundred years ago and housed wine presses. Today, most are disused. A few are used for storing food and, according to the nearby sign, parties.

It’s been a day of landmarks and milestones. Somewhere along the way today we passed the 400 kilometre mark. We also crossed the boundary between Castille and Leon.

The boundary between Castille and Leon

And just past this ancient bridge on the outskirts of Sahagun there is a big sign announcing the Camino half-way point but that of course totally depends on the starting point. 

Virgen del Puente near Sahagun

Sahagun has a population of 2,800, a bull ring, a lot of churches and at least one monastery. It’s old, Charlemagne is said to have passed through here.

Buildings in Sahagun

Tomorrow, we go that way : but not by train.

Sahagun rail

We’re hoping to stay in El Burgo Ranero – about twenty kilometres from here. We haven’t been able to reserve beds so it’ll be another early start.

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