Camino de Santiago

Day twenty-three on the Camino de Santiago: Villalcazar de Sirga to Carrion de Los Condes.

We made it to our Pensione in Carrion de Los Condes by mid-morning (it was only a 5k walk).  

The path to Carrion de Los Condes

Oh, the sweet joy of unexpected surprises – we have a bath, it might be a little on the short side but the water is hot.
The centre of town caters well for pilgrims and we’ve been able to restock essentials, including blister  tape and sun-block, two must haves for the Meseta at this time of the year. And I’ve invested in a pair of gloves – we might swelter in the afternoons but the mornings, especially just before dawn, are chilly. 

I even found a hairdresser less than a block away. I negotiated, in Spanish, an appointment for a wash and cut. What a luxury to have someone wash my hair, and then take the time to cut it the way I like it. Cortes and mas cortes got the job done.

There was a guitar concert in the church immediately opposite our hotel tonight, part of an initiative to foster live music on the Camino. 

Concert in the church of Santa Maria del Camino

The guitar has 19 strings and was designed by the musician. It’s a bit like a guitar and a lute combined. It sounded remarkably like a harp. 

And dinner is about two steps from our room, all of which my protesting feet appreciate.

We’ve always preferred slow travel, and the Camino is proving to be no exception to that. After an appraisal of the blister situation we’ve decided to stay here another night. I’m expecting that’ll set us up well for the rest of the Meseta. 

Tomorrow morning I really might have a sleep in, and then, if I feel like it, a bit of a wander around town. 

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  1. Oh Jill ever since I heard of the Camino and read books about it and saw an amazing movie last year I’ve wished I had done something like this way back in my younger fitter years. Well done to you both

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