Camino de Santiago

Day nineteen on the Camino Santiago: Burgos to Hornillos

It was goodbye to crisp cotton sheets, a bathroom to call my own, and that all I can eat breakfast complete with apple pie, this morning. We’re back to the business of walking. The rest has done us both good : no sore shoulders this morning,

It was a 21 kilometre walk through several small villages. Mostly the signage is easy to follow but we did get a little confused leaving the village of Tardajos.

Rabe de las Calzadas – Can you find the way, John?


From the street art the concerns of the locals seem similar to ours.

Street art on the Camino


Just past our lunch stop  we came across the 13th Century Iglesia de Santa Marina. We were enticed in by the familiar Ave Maria.

Iglesia de Santa Marina

The church is lovingly maintained with beautiful artworks on the walls. But what was most remarkable was the peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

From there it was a long slow climb up to the Meseta. It’s barren up here. And dry. Many people avoid this part of the walk, on account of the boredom.

I’m hoping that getting across will be a straight forward matter – you know, one step  after another.

Our guidebook described the descent to Hornillos as the Mule-Killer.

Oh-oh, where’s the road


I thought it would be a case of sliding down on my backside. But it was nowhere near that bad.

Tomorrow, we’re aiming for Castojeriz. If we get there it’ll be only another 469 kilometres to Santiago.

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  1. It’s been an impressive journey to follow. I’ve never followed anyone who has done this journey and I am realizing how tough it is. Your determination and resilience are remarkable. My respect. Only 469 km to go! wow.

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  2. and those blue skies continuing for you- YAY!….you would not be a true Camino pilgrim if you did not get lost a little at least once….Keep putting one foot in front of the other

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