Camino de Santiago

Day six on the Camino de Santiago: Cizur Menor to Puenta la Reina

There are days on this walk that make my eyes smart with tears and this was one of them.

Not tears of pain, not today. My shoulders have been much happier.

My smarting eyes are all to do with the thrill of making it to places I’ve only seen in photos, places I’d dreamed about.


Alto del Perdon: Where the way of the wind crosses the way of the stars

The Alto del Perdon is one of those. It’s a heart thumping climb of between three and four hundred metres to get there from Cizur Menor. I must be getting fitter because I enjoyed myself. According to John I creamed it.

Now that the rain has gone, the going is easier. My camera came out of my pack for the first time in three days. We had the occasional patch of drizzle but the swish protective skin I bought for the trip kept it safely dry.

Tonight we are in Puenta la Reina.

Puente La Reina.


The bridge is named for Dona Mayor wife of Sancho III. Apparently, back in the Middle Ages, she had the bridge built to assist the pilgrims arriving from France and Spain.

Today’s an important day for us. We now have less than 700 ks to go. In fact, we’ve walked 91.7 ks. There’s only 684.4 ks walking left before we reach Santiago de Compestela.

But wait, there’s more. If our bodies hold up we’ll keep going to Finisterre, on the Atlantic Coast. Afterall, what’s  another 86 ks between friends?

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