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It’s that time again, when there are lists of jobs to be done, ‘t’s to cross and ‘i’s Β to dot, a thousand and one must dos and might dos, Β they are all part of getting away.

And this time there’s an added extra: training; pounding it out at the gym (when the weather is foul – it’s winter down here) and on the trails around the Bay.

I’m the one who, instead of wandering leisurely in the winter sun, is striding it out (and sometimes limping, I’ve had a blister or two – I’ll spare you the photographic evidence) under the weight of her backpack. All with the purpose of conditioning so that, hopefully, when, in a few weeks time, John and I hit the Pyrenees on the first day of the Camino de Santiago bits don’t fall off this body of mine; that it won’t protest too much, that it will hold together and keep moving ever onwards to Santiago de Compostela.

Yep, after some diversions on the way: Sydney, Paris, Agen, we’ll be setting off to walk the almost 500 miles of the Camino Frances.

And we’ll be carrying everything we need on our backs.

I’m getting a little obsessive about just what might go in my pack. Funny that! So not going along are multiple changes of clothes, it’ll be a case of wash and wear; neither is my favourite moisturiser, that’s been replaced by tinted moisturiser/sunscreen.

The basic rule is anything non-essential has to do at least two jobs. Actual books are out and so is my laptop. My camera is coming (that’s an extravagance I know but I love, love, love my Fuji) and so is my kindle and my phone.

I’d like to blog about my Camino. The joys of it, the pain of it, the moments to treasure and those I’d rather forget. Some pilgrims post daily during their Camino. I’d like to as well, depending on WiFi and energy – we’ll all see how I go.

I’ll be blogging from my phone. Β I’ve learned how to send photos from the camera to my phone. The photo of a Hawkes Bay orchard in winter (at the beginning of this post) is a first attempt. And this is my first ever post written on the WordPress iPhone App.

So, fellow bloggers, do you have any tips for writing posts from your phone? Any pitfalls I should avoid? Does anyone know where the in-app spellchecker might be? All advice/info gratefully received.

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  1. I envy you. I wish I would be able to take time off and do the entire Camino. Already planning on doing a taster of it next year.

    I am new to WordPress but I find it easier to write on the Note app and transfer it to here. Burn Camino!

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  2. Good luck, Jill. Ilook forward to the posts. I would invest in a small stylus. Sometimes, I find the “buttons” in the editor to be too close or too small for my fingers.


  3. Best wishes for great time on the Camino. I only walked the final week [after hiking in Austria], but Glenda walked the whole distance from St Jean Pied de Port in 2006.


      • Sorry, Jill. I hadn’t rechecked this site and seen yr reply. Biggest tip is keep yr pack under 10kgs. G has list of what she took, if you’d like it and will email. Also can lend you our Cicerone edition [pocket-size] of “The Way of St James”. Please reply to me by email to ensure I see any msg from you. Thanks and ‘Bon/Buen Camino’ J


      • I do use it for texting (i really dislike trying to type on a phone). It is much better than tapping out letters. My keyboard has that option built in, just press the little microphone, speak and it types away. You do need to add punctuation, but that is easier than one finger pecking. πŸ™‚


  4. I am looking forward to your Camino blog. I can just imagine the backback decisions phaw. My phone camera is good enuff just saying. And have you tried speech to text? You two do such fab things good on yis. xx


  5. I really admire you two with this trip … it will be a real physical challenge! And I can well appreciate the need to travel light … it will all be on your back all the time. Looking forward to hearing from you when you can about your progress on the trail.

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    • Thanks Gillian, am feeling comparatively fit at the moment, thanks to all that training, but the relentless day after to day business of walking will be a huge challenge, not to mention the hurdle of the Pyrenees!


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