Central America

San Jose, Costa Rica

John has been laid low by a virus, sufficiently serious to warrant a trip to the emergency room of a very smart private clinic here in San Jose. They tested him for Dengue and other tropical diseases.

Waiting for the results I felt pretty much like the woman in this statue.


She’s one of a group outside Banco Central, depicting the Costa Rican people.


Luckily for us the results were all negative. On the way back to the hotel,  I passed a couple who have not been so fortunate in life. Despite Costa Rica’s relative affluence, as in any large city, you see plenty of people living on the streets. You learn to walk on by.


Perhaps, because we had narrowly avoided a disaster of our own, the sight of the couple searching through rubbish bags for food, scoffing someone else’s rejected rice with their bare hands was too much for me. I couldn’t walk on by. I bought them fresh food from the nearby Soda.

Since then, while John has recuperated we’ve both seen rather more of our hotel room than usual. Nevertheless, there has been the opportunity for some street photography.

It seems that anywhere at any time someone is making music,

DSCF6600DSCF6758Or clowning,


Tomorrow we travel to Panama City. I’ll get to see the Canal!

Costa Rica: Some facts

  • Population: approximately 4.9 million
  • Capital City: San Jose, population approx 290,000
  • Nearly a quarter of the land area is protected jungle




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  1. You’re such a good person, Jill. I think those things add up somewhere. Glad to hear that John is doing better. Safe travels to Panama. I’m looking forward to more beautiful photos.


  2. Glad to hear John is on the mend. It is difficult to look away from suffering; I so understand how you couldn’t on that occasion. Homeless young men of around my son’s age are my trigger. I just can’t help thinking I’d want someone to show compassion towards my child.


  3. Great to hear form you both! Hope John is in full recovery and that you will have safe trips ahead! All the best, Jill and John!
    PS: Jill, you have a big heart!


  4. Love your heart, Jill. Your pictures live up to its beautiful standard too. Very glad to hear John is well. It’s miserable as it is when you’re in your own home, but it’s especially unsettling when traveling.


  5. Hey Jill – Hope John is strong and 100% real soon!!
    So nice of you to buy them food -and for some reason the words from this post that resonate are “walk on by”

    Safe travels to Panama City too!


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