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Freshly Seen at Jill’s Scene

I read blogs. Travel blogs and food blogs, photography blogs (okay, okay, they mostly involve looking) and personal blogs, blogs about books and blogs about life.

I have no idea how many posts I read. At a guess more than one hundred, probably less than three hundred a month – whichever, it’s quite a few.

By Andr.V.S. [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Woman Reading, Andrew Stevovich

And every month there are posts that stand out above all the rest. I tweet and email and like and comment on those posts. But they deserve more than that.

And as Brenda says over on Burns the Fire: It’s all about sharing the love, the blog love.

So once a month, on Freshly Seen, I’ll share the best of the best.  They’re the ones I read aloud to John and tell the kids about. They’re posts that make me laugh or cry or think – sometimes all three at once.

I’m making it hard on myself – I’ll only feature three posts a month. (Although, if you’re paying attention you’ll see I’ve snuck in an extra this month.)

So, in no particular order, for the month of June, Freshly Seen at Jill’s Scene were:

On beauty, imperfection and getting on a bit

Su discusses and challenges socially constructed concepts of beauty.  She also takes brilliant photos.

V is For …

This post from Janet Sunderland really got me thinking and hoping. You’ll see why – it’s only partly to do with chocolate.

Announcing the Cherished Blogfest

I’ve been a fan of Dan’s blog, No Facilities, like – forever. He’s teamed up with some writing mates to run a blogfest. Despite what he says, I suspect that if Dan has anything to do with it, it’ll be worth following along. When you click on the link you’ll see it’s all about sharing the love, too.

So take a bow, Su, Janet, and Dan, you’ve earned it.

And there you have it, folks; the best of the best for June 2015. Check them out. They’re like chocolate for bloggers. And come back in a month for my best of the best reads in July.

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    • Thanks Jude! It’s all about spreading the love and the good work 🙂 Saw you over on Faith’s blog and had to laugh about the way it all works – connections within connections within connections.

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      • That’s the way I have built up the blogs I follow, often through reading comments and thinking, I like this person’s opinion/humour/intelligence and then I check out the blog and if it is something I am interested in I click follow. Saying that I have tried to limit the follows because I like to visit them all, and if you have too many it becomes a chore not a pleasure especially if you want to comment. Trying to remember how I found you. Through Pauline?


        • I have to say, I think your comment about limiting follows is very wise. The blogosphere is rather like being at an infinite smorgasbord and I’ve never been very good at exercising restraint there, either – I usually wind up with indigestion. I’m pretty sure we came across each other through, Pauline. She told me about your bench series, which I enjoy and which never gives me indigestion!


  1. This is so cool…!!! Thank you so much for including me and thank you for introducing me to new bloggers. It’s always a crap-shoot as they say when words go out into the world, but it pleases me that these particular words resonated with you. Aloha nui nui says my side of the Hawaiian self (so okay, okay, Kansas and Hawaii is a stretch, but that’s the memoir in process so guess that’s what I’m thinking…)


    • My great pleasure, Janet, and those words are still resonating. For me, holding to hope is what makes the difference – speaking of which I hope the memoir is going well.


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