Black and White Photo Challenge: Day #5

For the last day of the black and white challenge we’re visiting the Stupa and reclining Buddha at Luang Namtha, in Laos.

Reclining Buddha which is situated being the Stupa, That Luang Namtha

Reclining Buddha which is situated behind the Stupa, That Luang Namtha

It’s easy to miss this Buddha because it’s hidden behind the large and particularly stunning stupa, That Luang Namtha. The Stupa itself responds well to the black and white treatment.

Detail on the stupa, That Luang Namtha

Detail on the stupa, That Luang Namtha

The Stupa, That Luang Namtha

The Stupa

I actually prefer it in colour, especially juxtaposed against the brilliant blue of the sky.

The Stupa - That Luang Namtha

The colour version

So this is it. I’ve completed the five day black and white photography challenge. I’ve learned several things. The first is that I can actually post every day. It’s a matter of being organised and planning ahead, especially when it comes to fitting it all in around my paid work. It’s crazy in that part of my life this week. And, although I can manage the daily posts, I’m returning to  two a week – it’s a routine that suits me just fine.

More significantly, I’ve got some new photography goals. Looking back through my archives I’ve realised how much my photography has changed since I started taking snaps with my iPhone a few years ago. I’m going to take Sue’s advice from WordsVisual and experiment with raw images. That’ll lead to more sophisticated editing. I’ve been using iPhoto. It’s time to move on. If you’re a photographer, which editing programme do you use?

Thank-you to pommepal, over at gypsy life: Taking time to see the details, for inviting  me to join the Black and White 5 day challenge.  Check out pommepal’s photos from day five. For her it’s mostly about old car wrecks.

My fifth and final nominee for this challenge is Perelincolors. Their blog bursts with colour and travel advice. And, they have a monthly feature Tech of the Month  which is full of handy tips and suggestions for photographers. You might see me there.

Remember, there are only two rules for this challenge

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blogging friend to join in the fun

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  1. Jill I prefer the golden, colourful photos.
    But The Buddha would liked the black and white.
    It is his over zealous followers that have made the golden monuments.
    So you have picked a very appropriate subject.


    • The gold and red on that stupa is striking against the blue sky isn’t it. I think you’d be right about The Buddha’s opinion, Jack. I saw some very old Buddhas on this trip, some of them hundreds of years old and they tended to be smaller and bronze rather than gold.

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  2. I’m with you on liking the color photo with the blue sky better. I think black and white really depend on the setting. Certainly on shadows. Or the closeup of one things. The black and white of the reclining Buddha works pretty well. I’d never really thought that through before. Thanks!


    • Hi Janet, Interestingly, in the colour photo of the reclining Buddha the sun streams onto the forearm and cushion making them a brilliant gold and taking the eye right away from the form of the figure. In the b&w the shadows in the folds of the robes are much deeper – so all in all for that photo I prefer in B&W as well.


  3. For raw photos, I use Lightroom, through Adobe’s $10 a month photography package.

    There’s a 30 day free trial, of course 🙂


      • I’m not sure about pic monkey, I’ve never used it. Lightroom is incredibly powerful – it can look overwhelming but can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can start out simple and learn to do more complex things and use more complex tools later as you need/learn about them.


  4. You have produced a wonderful collection of black and white photos for this challenge, Jill. Isn’t it great on how participating in a challenge, like this, can teach you so much more?

    I particularly like the Buddha photo because the black and white shows its wonderful curves.

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge and for showing us all some wonderful black and white photography.


  5. Good job with this project. These were all interesting and good choices for B&W. I keep scrolling between the BW & color version today. I can’t make up my mind.


  6. Great pictures Jill. 😊. I love the stupa in colour – the red and yellow against the blue sky is stunning! I love the app Camera plus for ipad for its ease of use and many filters.

    I have also tried picmonkey on my computer and got amazing clarity on a photo I took.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge. I usually post once a week which seems to suit me best. Cheers.


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