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Poppy  August 2014

My poppies are in flower. My quince tree is at bud burst. The sap is rising, spring is on its way and  my thoughts are turning to travel adventures. Okay, okay,  if the posts on this blog are anything to go by that’s not exactly new. Through the heart of winter I’ve been thinking about travels – past and future. But this week plans have been firmed up and tickets have been purchased. Yippee!! More will be revealed in a few months time. (As an aside some of you might be wondering what is happening to my AFS series . Never fear, it will return soon.)

In the meantime, come with me to visit three of my favourite travel blogs.

First up is Vasilis at Traveller’s Tree. He was born in Greece, lives in Helsinki, and blogs in English. He’s a clever cookie, eh. And he’s a dab hand with a camera. If your itchy feet need scratching Vasilis can help. My current favourite is Greece’s Ioannina – A crossroads of cultures, religions and tragic fates. It was a fateful read because, of course, now I want to go there to see for myself! Vasilis admits that is part of his cunning plan. He says the Greeks invented conspiracy –  who am I to argue with that?

Terri and James have been blogging  at Gallivance since 2011. And they’ve been travelling since, well, just about forever! I don’t think they’ll mind me saying that – I hope not anyway.  I reckon  I can get away with  it because we’re around the same age. Their post about Paul Bunyan is laugh out loud funny. Helped along, no doubt, by my own memories of  Bemidji and Paul. I last visited  in 2006 with my husband who was crestfallen to discover that Paul is make-believe. All through John’s childhood he dreamed about the famous character who overcame the challenges of an unfriendly climate to fell trees and fight  “injuns”.  (What can I say – the times were different, then. Dee Brown didn’t  publish  the classic Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee until 1970.)

Terri and James aren’t afraid to tackle the challenges of our times. Their post about Sarajevo – not so much the place as the young people – does not shy away from the legacy of war.  To me this post and its back story, Dodging bullets, describe humanity at its best: indomitable in the face of horror.

Last but not least, if you fancy adventure with your travel Sue at Travel Tales of Life fits the bill. She’s a nurse who has learnt a thing or two about the value of life and her zest for it comes through in every post. She’s strong, she’s fit, she’s going for it and happy to take her readers along for the ride! In September she’s biking through Tuscany. I’ll be following along, from my computer. I can’t wait!

What about you? Who are your favourite travel writers?

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  1. As often happens I got sidetracked from here and had a struggle getting back to you 🙂 Nice to meet Vasilis (the cause of my wanderings) and Sue, James and Terri are old mates. 🙂


  2. You left me speechless, Jill, and this is something that rarely happens to a Greek. 🙂 What a wonderful surprise! I am deeply honored and extremely happy that you enjoy my posts and photographs. I am a huge fan of your blog, and your words mean a lot to me.
    Guess, what? I am working on a new article on Ioannina including the address of a little café serving the best homemade orange pie in the world. And yes, there is a flight to Athens departing tomorrow from Auckland. 🙂


    • That’s so tempting, Vasilis – the pie and the flights – especially as today winter has a bit of sting in its tail! I’ve never tried orange pie, I bet it’s divine. I’ll be saving that post in a very special place – because you just never know, one day I could be sitting in the sun in Ioannina, drinking coffee and eating a slice of that pie.


  3. Wow Jill, thanks so much for the wonderful shout-out! That was way too kind of you – especially since you made us younger than we are … by a bit. 🙂 And we think that Sue and Vasilis totally rock. We put your post on our Facebook page and you can check it out here:

    So now where are you mysteriously traveling to? Do we get to guess? Love the photos of your poppies – and blooming quince trees always make me smile.

    Thanks again, Terri & James


    • You are very welcome, your blog is a wealth of information for travellers – virtual, as well as those those on the road. I’ve just this moment discovered your posts about Luang Prabang! Wonderful, because that’s where we’re going – Laos for a month 🙂


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