Off The Beaten Track in Aotearoa

Jill’s Scene is Back On The Scene

Jill’s Scene has been off the scene since going tropical back in November. But this month sees us out and about, off the beaten track, once more.  The small village of Otane, in Central Hawkes Bay, features twice. We were there on Waitangi Day – a post is coming soon. And we’ll be going back, via  steam train, at Art Deco Weekend.

This is big for us. We’re known far and wide as The Art Deco Grinches! In the past we’ve grumbled our way through the weekend, complained that our small city has been taken over by pretend flappers and Gatsby wannabes. Sometimes we’ve closed up the house and gone away. Not this year, folks. We’ve got the attire, we’ve got the tickets, and we’ve got the best of company! It’ll be spiffing, absolutely spiffing.

Nau mai, Haere mai. Come on in and join the korero (conversation)

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