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Two favourite book blogs and a writer


A Woman Reading, Andrew Stevovich

 I’ve discovered two new book blogs. They’re good. Very good. And not just because they’re both fans of Neil Gaiman. You didn’t know I was? Well, neither did I until the beginning of this year. Son number two is responsible for that development. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about Neil and his books.

But back to the book blogs.

First, meet Kira. She  blogs at Sorry Television. When she’s not reading or watching Television she just happens to be managing editor at Newsweek. Her reviews are entertaining, informed, and frank. Her paper cut rating system lets you know at a glance what she thinks.  And she’s beside herself about Karen Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. That makes us almost book cousins. But be warned her review does contain a spoiler. She gave it four paper cuts – top billing.

The second blog is Shelved by book loving blogger, Pam. Elsewhere she describes herself as a chocolate guzzling, coffee swilling freelance writer. A quick glance at her category list let’s you know there’s  a lot to explore. Visiting her blog is like browsing through the bookshelves of a well read friend. So far, from our bookish conversations I’ve undertaken to read Neil Gaiman’s  The Graveyard Book. It’s waiting on my kindle – it was bumped down one notch from the top of a very, very long list by  The Narrow Road to The Deep North.  Pam also piqued my interest in Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying which I had heard of but somehow missed when it came out back in the 70s. Pam’s favourite banned book is A Wrinkle inTime. I loved that book when I was a girl  and now it’s on my must reread list. I’m done for really, between these two book bloggers alone, that reading wish list of mine is growing faster than I can read.

Because three is better than two and writing is to reading as cooking is to eating, I have one more blog to recommend. Damyanti lives and writes in Singapore. Her blog Daily (w)rite discusses all things writerly. She well and truly got the conversation going recently when she wondered which authors will be read in the 22nd century. She also introduced me to the New York Writers’ Workshop and their book The Portable MFA in Creative Writing.

So, if you like to read and love to write pay Sorry Television, Shelved, and Daily W(rite) a visit.

Postscript: About the painting, Woman Reading. Andrew Stevovich is an American painter. He describes himself as influenced by early Italian Renaissance and Expressionism. I think it shows.  The classic style in the modern setting  appeals to me. After all, these days, as often as not, I read on my phone, yes, even novels  – something  that shocked me when I first noticed my children reading books on their phones.

Who are your favourite book and writing bloggers? Tell me and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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  1. Always good to have recommendations from some one in the community. Now I am not travelling for a while I have time to look around new blogs. Thanks for passing these 3 on.


  2. Hi Jill – enjoyed your post and just when I was going to ask you how you manage to keep up on reading blogs – well you told us – having phone access obviously makes it possible. And I love reading and skimming on my phone as well – but I hate leaving comments and do not really like writing on it.

    anyhow, the art is cool too – and my favorite take away us “writing is to reading as cooking is to eating”
    oh and I do not have blogs to suggest – but I am going to check out the 3 you suggest here –
    have a great day ❤ ❤


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