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two old men dying by Tom Keneally

Scrolling through Facebook, flicking mindlessly from app to app on my phone, even choosing bad TV over books, anything rather than read when I was fifty pages in to Tom Keneally’s two old men dying, didn’t bode well.

42426652I might have complained a bit, maybe more than a bit. Enough to drive John to remind me of a tweet I sent out not long before I started reading two old men dying:

Want to read more in 2019? Here’s how. My favourite? No 4: Don’t waste time reading what you think you are supposed to read

Tom Keneally is an Australian author, most well known for his novel Schindler’s Ark which won the Booker prize in 1982 and was made into the Oscar winning  film, Schindler’s List, by Steven Spielberg.  Reviews of two old men dying can be found here and here

two old men dying by Tom Keneally 2018 Vintage Books

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  1. Well done getting to the end, must admit if I’m not grabbed in the first chapter I just give up. Thanks for being honest about this one. I did enjoy “shepherds hut” and towards the end it became a “couldn’t put down” book.

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    • I’m looking forward to reading this Claire. Your recommendations are always spot on! Ive thoroughly enjoyed The Baghdad Clock BTW—and that’s another book that leaves the reader with plenty to think about.

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  2. Hi – love the part about adjectives overused is like too much salt for some of us.
    I just left a short fiction writing group (small group that ended) and one of the guys in there was the big word user and his material was dense. But he was old and set in his ways – and can’t assess him Too much but a lot of ego – anyhow – if Keneally had a 1982 Booker (and I loved the movie based on his book) well I assume Keneally is quite old now-
    Not that age matters – but the way you described this book (the good and the bad) reminded me of another old writer – not just the one from the recent group – but they seem to ride on former success and thinkthey are way more clever than they are – or they just write for self and not the reader –
    Anyhow – enjoyed your review and admire how you pushed to finish – 😉

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    • Thanks Yvette. Writing a novel is a very demanding thing to do, regardless of age and I’m not sure how relevant age is to the outcome. Tom Keneally’s style didn’t work for me in this book, and it didn’t in his prize winning Shindler’s Ark, either, and that was written nearly forty years ago.

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      • Thanks for the reply – and I agree about age and I think I was more referring to experience, attitude, and maybe an approach to writing after a certain success – but I see that was not aligned with your point (and maybe connects to just a few other things on my mind after being in a fiction writing group for a while)
        Hope the rest of February goes well for you and happy reading

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