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  1. I do hope all will be well for Thailand. The bombing was awful but your photos are reassuring in that they display the ordinary scenes of daily life which will persist and prevail. Love the pomegranate display and the grilled bananas.


  2. Oh, Jill I have missed your/our travels, but I didn’t expect my return would be during such sadness. Thank you for these beautiful pictures of hope. I am looking forward to catching up again. xox.


  3. As soon as I heard this news, I thought of you and your travels and the stories you have shared. Years ago, this would just be sad news. Today, I feel closer and I feel this sadness a little deeper. Thanks for sharing these photos again Jill.


  4. Such a vibrant city. Such a gorgeous country. This tragedy isn’t only theirs but, like any senseless violence (and when is violence *not* senseless?), belong to the world.


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