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Another blogging first – a guest post

TimeThief’s onecoolsite is full of information about blogging and the blogosphere for experienced and newbie bloggers alike. I’ve been a follower since March of this year.  Her posts have helped me find my way around the blogging world. At first I didn’t understand much of what was she was writing about but that’s changed as I’ve gotten the hang of things. And then the bad news came. She’s been sick, scarily sick. She’s having to think about how and where she spends her energy.

So, TimeThief  asked for help. She’s the sort who, when she asks for help, gives a hand-up to others at the same time. She invited her readers to contribute guest posts. For those she agreed to publish it was exposure to a whole new set of readers.  It took me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to offer a post of my own – yep, my best buddy, self-doubt,  got in the way for a while.

But at the end of last week I finally put my hand up and, guess what, TimeThief said, yes, she’d welcome a guest post from me. And then, I just about passed out! I had to deliver. You see – it’s one thing to write for my blog, but quite another to proffer writing that was to appear on someone else’s site, especially someone as experienced as Timethief, and with as large a following as hers.

But as always I did have a story or two to tell and on Tuesday TimeThief published my post. And her readers have commented and liked and laughed! To top it all off, the post looks fantastic on her site. I especially love the photo of Captain Janeway. You’ll have to read Blogging has a vocabulary all of its own to see why.  Make sure you check out some of the other guest posts, too.


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  1. Jill I just read your post which then took me to several other links and I feel much better for having done that. One year in I have learned a lot however I feel like I am in a wrestling match with SEO and trying to understand it all. I have also tackled all the social media platforms, well as many as my ancient brain can handle without brain cells leaking out of my ears. I just followed you on Twitter. That much I have figured out. 🙂


    • Brain cells leaking – I know that problem! As for Twitter, I dithered for ages but now I love it. It’s a great way to scan a lot of info quickly. But SEO just gives me a headache. Really all I want to do is write my stuff. But from reading timethief’s posts over on http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/ I can see that it would be wise to work out the principles.


      • Jill I am totally convinced this is the next step for me and certainly I have a few younger bloggers dragging me, I mean mentoring me in that direction. I have started following Time Thief at your suggestion. Meanwhile I hope not to see my own frontal lobe rolling on the office floor from over exertion. 🙂
        I’m pretty comfortable with my other social media…Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ but if you see me doing something stupid on Twitter can I add you to my team of mentors?


  2. I was delighted to publish your guest post Jill. It’s important to recognize that every blogger’s response to beginner blogging challenges can be different, though many experiences may be common. Connecting with other bloggers early on and establishing meaningful blog related relationships with them is key to succeeding in blogging. Your advice was valuable and I’m honored to have published it on my blog.


    • Thank-you so much for the opportunity, Timethief. I’ve learned a lot along the way – still learning. And I agree with you – it’s the blog related relationships, the comments, the conversations, and the laughs along the way, that make all the difference. Without them we’d be posting into a vacuum.


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